August 20, 2009

The End of Summer

What a crazy summer it was. It flew by in a huge blur. I had so many ideas, and things to do with the girls, and plans. What happened? Life seems to be speeding by at a quicker rate the more I age. Sunday night, I walked in to where my husband was sitting and just started to cry after putting my girls to bed. My oldest is now in second grade and it just made my heart feel so sad. She is just growing up so fast. Seems like just yesterday I was rocking her in my arms.

It's odd having her back in school. My youngest and I are having some wonderful quality time together and I have been getting a lot more done. But, I had a good cry about her as well with my husband. Next year she will be in Kindergarten. This is my last year with her. I told my husband, "Maybe we should have another one." But quickly changed my mind.

Now on to some good stuff. I have lots of creative things going on in my mind right now. I have always loved a certain type of art, but didn't know exactly what it was called. Leave it to the wonderful Cassandra to clue me in. Cassandra is the creator of the Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group that I am so in love with. I was the featured artist this month which was just a huge honor and have taken on so many new challenges and have really grown as an artist. This brings me such joy. Now, I am thrilled to announce that I have been accepted as a member of Cassandra's design team for her digital designs at he etsy shop Cassi's Creations. Little ole me, on a design team. Wow! I have always been crazy about Cassandra's designs so it is the perfect place for me. Cassandra also has a love for that art form that I mentioned earlier known as Steampunk. She has some neat designs in her etsy shop that I am using on a current piece that I am working on. It contains several items that I have been wanting to use in some art, and with Cassandra's images I finally have the design elements I needed to help it all make sense.

I am using some of Cassandra's images along with some old vintage papers (ledger and checks), some fabulous metal finds, a broken frame and a frozen Charlotte doll. You will have to check back soon to see the finished piece. All I have to do now is attach all of the parts and it is something I have been wanting to have a go out ever since I read my first Somerset issue. It's great having the time to do some personal art right now and I plan on doing it even more now being on this design team. If you love to create and use images from collage sheets you should really stop by Cassandra's shop. She has so much more then just Marie Antoinette and Steampunk themed sheets and the quality is outstanding.

You can also check out Cassandra's blog My Artful Adventures to get more great ideas and to read more about her design team. On the right hand column of her blog she lists all of the members with a link to their amazing blogs. I need to list them here as well and will do that soon.

On another note, I just shipped out all of the 4x4 Marie books from a swap I hosted with the group. I knew they would be fabulous, but working with all of these talented artists makes it hard to find words to describe just how great the final book was. I am hosting another 4x4 book with the group with a Halloween/Masquerade theme. I will post a slide show of the finished book soon.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Carolyn said...

WOWEEEE RHONDA !! ;o) You on a design team !! Great news to read my BBF !! You must be soo happy - and for it to include things you love creating with too .
It was sad to read that you`re realising your girls are growing up so fast - enjoy it still while you can though - you want the best for them , and i`m sure they`ll get it .

chat with you soon -

love and miss ya !



mIzZ (hONeY) bEe aka Marlene said...

Go Rhonda...Go Rhonda! Awesome that you were added to the design - I know that you will bring a lot of creativity & fun to the group - too cool...and what fun it will be to do Steampunk...I want to try this out...can wait to see what you made...your girls will always be there for you - to think of all the things they're going to share with you from school...I'm sending you a cyber hug to you...I'm off to do some cleaning - I'll e-chat with you soon my friend...have a honey of a day! may sweet things come your way! Grace Peace & many blessings 2 "U", Marlene

The Painted Nest said...

Great post Rhonda!!! Isn't Cassandra's work amazing!!! I'm looking forward to working with you !!!~~~Blessings Sweet Friend, Deborah

Terri said...

I understand your sadness at the thought that your daughters are growing up so fast. I just blogged on the same feelings.
Every moment is precious!

Congratulations on your new creative endeavor! I can't wait to see what you make.

Thank you again for all your hard work on the MA 4x4 book. I just love it!

The Painted Nest said...

Thanks for the Sweet visit and lovely comment Rhonda! I'm looking forward to working with all the ladies!!! Everyone is so talented and so very nice! ~~~Blessings,Deborah

Cassandra said...

Congrats on your blog updates! And I am so excited to have you on my design team! I can't wait to see what you create.


Becs said...

Hi Rhonda! I am so excited to be on Cassandra's design team with all you amazong artists! Your blog is wonderful...I check it every day! LOL...Hugs...Becs

Rhonda Roo said...

Hi! I saw your name on "My Artful Adventures" & about fell over-my name is Rhonda Thomas too! I was kinda hoping I had an alter ego that came awake when i was sleeping who was super creative--there you are! Hee. I'm over at the treehouse..and alas, my young one is 20! ARGH! Should i tell you it gets easier? Nah. I guess what i would say is enjoy enjoy enjoy, every precious bit. :-) Which, it already seems you are doing.
Well and golly, i wish being a Rhonda T too, I had a pinky's worth of your talent!
Anyway, nice to meet you!
xoxoxoxox Rhonda Roo

Darlene said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Congratulations on becoming a member of a Design Team. I know you will create beautiful art!!!

Bryanna Lenan said...

Your blog is so lovely and what a wonderful post! Congrats on Cassandra's DT. I am adding you to my sidebar for fav Bloghers!!

Unknown said...

Congrats to you! And well deserved. We'll still have to do our swap this fall sometime!