May 24, 2009

You're The Queen

My friend Cassandra from My Artful Adventures did the most amazing post. It begins with some ideas of what to do when you are feeling down and blah. This is a great post for me at the moment, because as many of you know I have been feeling down and blah a lot lately. But now I have some great ideas to lift my spirits and you should really check them out.

Cassandra also took this time to gift this award to her readers. But, you also have to pass it along. Here is what Cassandra shared about the award:

So here's the deal. I am giving everyone of you a "You're the Queen Award". That means you should take time to do at least one thing for yourself this week. Treat yourself like a queen! Take a longer coffee break, go to a movie, go shopping, take a nice long bubble bath. Then encourage at least 2 friends by passing on the award and telling them something nice. Post a comment on your blog with the 2 or more friends you selected explaining what the award is and a link to my giveaway. Be sure to let them know you are giving them an award. THEN . . . come back to my blog and post a comment with your email address and the URL to your blog post.

Cassandra is also doing a fantastic give away. Not only is Somerset providing her with three issues of their Marie Antoinette publication as prizes, but Cassandra has made up a great collection of supplies to help you create some fabulous art work. And that is exactly what Cassandra does on a constant basis.

So now it is my turn to pass on this lovely award. The first person that I would like to pass it along to is Marleen from Queen Bee of Creativity. Marleen is a perfect example of how God brings people into our lives just when you need them. Marleen and I did a Marie Antoinette canvas swap together but have also become great friends. She has really been there for me during this tough time, is an amazing artist, and a beautiful soul. Not a selfish bone in this gal's body. Just an honest, caring, giving, encouraging friend. Thanks Marleen for all that you have done for me. I still need to share pics of the AMAZING canvas that she made for me and she also sent me a beautiful vintage french book of children's music. GASP!

The next gal I want to share this award with is my BBFF Carolyn from Magpie Pixie. We have been friends for over a year now all because God brought her to me through our blogs and a swap she was doing. Carolyn brings a constant smile to my face and my soul and has just been so amazing in so many ways. I still can't wait until the day we can meet in person. Thanks for being such a good friend Caz. I miss you and our chats. But hopefully I will be back to normal soon.

I love my blog and all of the wonderful people that I have met. I am way behind on posting, on sharing, and on visiting. I hope you will all forgive me. This place called Blog Land is so important to me and has added so much to my life. I've just not been as creative while dealing with all that has been going on with life. But I know I'm blessed, and I know it will all get better.

Be sure to visit Cassandra. You will be glad that you did. She is another amazing gal God has brought to my life. And thank you Cassandra for all that you do. I could give you this award a million times!

Have a great week!


Carolyn said...

Hi R...

Thanks so much for the award !!
I`ts great when you get recognition and that the person who passes on any award thinks so much about you .
You`re one of the best things that has happened - our meeting and becoming best friends , i know we keep saying , one day we will meet , but it will happen one day !!

I got your last email - thanks - just trying to catch up on stuff here - and after the holiday weekend , be in touch soon - if you don`t first

Love ya !


Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

Hi Rhonda have missed you,How is everyone and how is your mum,I Think of her all the time now my mum is having her radiotherapy.Love the new blog look.How is your new studio going.Talk soon

Chrisy said...

Hey darlin, Just dropped by and will go and check out the Artful Adventures post...take care and keep doing nice things for yourself...

Robin said...

Hi Rhonda....
I can't think of a more deserving person for that award than you.
And I hope you took it to heart and treated yourself to something very special.
And speaking of special....I love your new's fabulous.

Now I know you aren't feeling quite yourself, and I hope you won't be mad at me but.....
Rhonda....I have tagged you over on my blog. I know I know, but there just is nothing to do about it. You will have to come collect your tag.

And above all, know that I wish you nothing but beautiful days.